We offer a full range of service and equipment for your production

Installation of equipment

We arrange transportation, we deliver equipment and materials to the place of installation, install systems and rent an object in operation with all accompanying documentation.

Dismantling of equipment

We disassemble old equipment with documentation and instructions for further re-use of equipment. We arrange transportation of equipment, which requires modernization / repair and performs work in the shortest possible time.

Programming microcontrollers

We develop and implement software for industrial equipment. We install touch screens with an intuitive interface. We write individual processing programs for CNC equipment.

Repairs machinery and equipment

We repair machine tools, automated production lines, special equipment, hydraulic systems, and a number of other equipment related to production. This is repair of electronics, and replacement of mechanical parts, and welding structures damaged equipment.


We provide a full range of metal processing services, from the design documentation to the manufacture of parts and the subsequent assembly. Our metal processing workshop has high-precision and modern equipment with CNC support. We carry out both individual and serial orders for the manufacture of products - mechanisms, parts, metal structures according to drawings or customer's sketches.

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