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The 5 main answers about CNC plasma 23.03.2018

Have you thought about buying a machine for plasma cutting metal with CNC? Probably there are a number of questions. Post answers to frequently asked questions from buyers


Question: How much does the personnel training process take? We are very limited in time.


The higher the productivity is needed and the more you want to earn, the more time it is desirable to spend on employee training and organization of the production process. Seriously, no matter what kind of work will be performed by a plasma cutting machine. Costs of time to search for the operator are fully justified. He is the one who organizes the effectiveness of the process and provides the proper quality of the product, or, perhaps, even higher. Just make sure that you have thoroughly studied the qualifications of the future employee and understand their tasks. This will ensure the performance and coherence of all processes. You may have to reconsider even those routine things that have long been accustomed to and have not been studied for years..


Question: How to quickly pay a new machine?


In this issue, there is a lot of individuality, but a reliable supplier is always able to provide orientated data. And after analyzing your requirements and the challenges, you will get a more complete picture. Ask suppliers and learn more about the market for new technologies. 


Question: What production space is needed for such a machine tool?


Due to constructional features, portal machines are the ideal solution for automated metal shaping at small production volumes or with a shortage of production space. Despite their small size, they have amazing performance.


Question: What can I do?


The most typical application areas of the equipment:


manufacturing of parts for machinery and equipment;

production of hinged equipment for agricultural machinery;

manufacture of elements of building metal constructions;

production of metal doors and metal furniture;

production of elements of ventilation systems;


Question: Which criteria should be given the most attention when choosing?


One of the biggest mistakes made when investing in a CNC plasma cutting machine is the purchase of equipment that is not designed for business growth. Consult your experts about your growth plans. So you can buy equipment that will accelerate your goals.


Several key aspects that are directly related to possible queries:


  • required level of accuracy,
  • finishing treatment,
  • productivity,
  • the length of time you intend to use a CNC machine without replacing it,
  • and, of course, the price you are willing to afford.


Often, the price issue becomes apparent immediately after analyzing the previous aspects. 

And another important aspect - do not forget to think about who and what supplies you plan to buy. This will help avoid absolutely unnecessary costs. Use high-quality supplies and give them due attention!

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