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Features of plasma cutting on numerically controlled machine tools (CNC) 31.03.2018

Today, plasma cutting is one of the most progressive and convenient methods of metal processing and has several advantages. With all the diversity of existing plasma cutting equipment, making the right choice is not easy.


However, you can clearly find out what exactly is right for you, you will find the necessary equipment. Pay attention to the purchase, which should be cut, it should be sheets, the thickness of which is 35% higher than expected at the beginning of cutting from the edge, and 50% larger if punching is used.


Some nodes already purchased for plasma cutting equipment, most likely, become inoperable. But the parts of the chassis remain in good condition. It is not necessary to buy entirely new equipment, sometimes it is possible to do the improvement of the existing equipment for plasma cutting.


The need for updating arises when new requirements arise, for example, the need for cutting metal of a larger thickness than before. Sometimes the quality of the cutting is unsatisfactory because the arc is burning unstable. If there are new demands on the quality of cutting when increasing the thickness of the metal (this is required in the manufacture of certain types of metal structures), the change of material, then you will most likely have to buy new equipment. However, it is sometimes quite possible to manage the purchase and installation of a more powerful power source.


For example, if you need to cut not only steel, but also non-ferrous metals, various alloys, etc., you need to replace the power supply to a more powerful, and also change the gas that forms the plasma.

Modernization has a significant impact on the thickness of metal that can be cut, the chemical composition of the cutting, as well as the accuracy of the processing of parts. In the chassis most often drives are changed, added additional, sometimes quite expensive. Such replacement of drives has a beneficial effect on the accuracy of parts manufacturing and some other moments of the machine, positively affects the growth of its productivity. In the newest machines there are height stabilizers that provide high-precision flare gap.


In modern production, orders are often required as soon as possible. This requires the use of the most advanced means of automation of production. The latest automated production systems dramatically shorten the time it takes to accept and execute orders.


Laser cutting is carried out with the help of equipment, which makes it possible to cut in different planes and directions on uneven surfaces. In the process of laser cutting used two or more equipped cabins. While there is a cutting process in one of them, the second prepares for further work.


Plasma cutting often involves errors that increase the cost of the operation. One of them is the timely change of parts of the plasma torch. You can not use worn-out elements, but the haste in replacing them increases the cost of cutting processes. A periodic review allows you to avoid this type of error. Another common mistake is the wrong choice of cutting modes.


And, finally, there is not enough precise attitude to the equipment. It is necessary to clean it from dirt, scum, etc. Protective housings must be used, as well as periodic cleaning.

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