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Answers to the 4 most common questions about solar collectors 30.03.2018

Question: What is needed in order for the collectors to warm the water?

Answer: Complexity of the system depends on the type of system chosen. If you use a seasonal collector, then, as a rule, nothing is needed for it, with the exception of the pipeline (main line), and connections for connection to the system.
If you use a multi-season collector, for the full operation of the system, you need to: collector , pump, control controller, storage tank expansion vessel, coolant, piping system and fitting for connection of system connections.

Question: What type of collector do I need?

Answer:Need to find out what purpose collectors are needed for? If you want to heat up water in the summer, then you can use the seasonal collector for an example of this ....
If you plan to use the system also in winter, then you can buy a multi-class collector vacuum or flat, depending on financial capabilities.

Question: How many collectors do I need to heat a room in the winter?

Answer: Solar collectors are used as an additional source of combine. They can heat the house or house if collect a certain cascade of such collectors, but in the summertime there will be serious problems with the utilization of excess heat from collectors. Since there is a high probability that the system will boil and fail. Therefore, they are recommended to be used as a secondary energy source, ie steam, for example, with a gas or solid fuel boiler. This combination will save you money on heating the room.

Question: How solar collectors work in cloudy weather?

Answer: In cloudy weather, the collectors are working, but their performance is somewhat smaller, may be roughly 50%. Vacuum collectors are the most productive in cloudy weather, because they have a low level of heat loss.

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